The Source50 Manager Selection Series experience is exceptional!

We are proven professionals at discovery optimization and offer an exclusive opportunity to engage with fellow executives in search of mutual portfolio interests.  Abbreviated discovery meetings are accompanied by a menu of informal and unscripted networking receptions.

Source50 Experience Highlights

  • Engage exclusively with potential business partners at the finest resorts in North America
  • Limited local travel time insures that you spend more time enjoying the resort and less time in traffic
  • Discovery meetings timed at twenty minutes to allow for personal, company, and product introductions
  • Networking meals and receptions prepared by world renowned chefs and artisans
  • Efficient scheduling designed to leverage your time away from the office
  • Off-site opportunities to experience local attractions

The Big Box conference circuit is a necessary evil for some. But, if you truly want to see a return on investment, the Source50 Manager Selection Series offers endless opportunities.