Explore the future of capital sourcing and manager outreach at the next Source50 Summit.

Source50 summits solve problems! We help allocators gain balance and managers gain exposure. Portfolio optimization requires persistence, discipline, and vision. Underperforming sectors pose the most significant challenges for investors with few clearly defined solutions. Source50 professionals specialize in uncovering the up and coming stars in the private wealth industry. Come and meet them at the next Source50 summit.

Program Highlights

  • Unprecedented opportunity to engage with over 100 executive peers
  • Series of pre-scheduled and personal introductory meetings
  • Luxurious Four Star accommodations at nationally recognized resorts
  • Exquisite networking meals and receptions prepared by acclaimed chefs and artisans
  • Limited overall attendance to promote focused and intimate discourse

Opportunities are everywhere but leaders have to be willing to engage and uncover. Explore them at the upcoming Source50 Manager Selection Summit. We hope to see you there!